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Our Awards & Grants

RHASS has a long history of supporting people and businesses that align with our charitable remit and objectives, which are laid out in the Royal Charter of 1960:

  1. The advancement of education
  2. The advancement of citizenship and community development
  3. The advancement of heritage, culture and science
  4. The advancement of environmental protection and improvement
  5. The advancement of animal welfare

Over the years applicants of RHASS awards and grants have been recognised both financially and non-financially.

Financially Supported Awards & Grants

  • RHASS Awards & Grants
  • Local Show Engagement Fund
  • Nuffield Scholarship
  • Oxford Farming Conference
  • Roy Watherston Memorial Trust
  • Royal National Mod Gaelic Learner of the Year

Non-Financial Awards & Medals

  • Lifelong Service Award
  • Sir William Young Award
  • Ploughing Medals


All project funding on any individual, organization or charity basis must align with the charitable objectives of RHASS, but also provide a social-economic impact that relates to at least one of the five areas listed below. All funding applications will be scored against our social impact framework.

  • Sustainability & Environmental Challenges
  • Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Social & Wellbeing

The fifth area specifically relates to the Scottish Agricultural Shows, launched in 2023, the Local Show Engagement Fund which aims to help fund local agricultural Shows across Scotland, delivering projects that may have felt previously out of reach, allowing regional Shows to plan for a sustainable future.

Not sure of the right application path for you? Get in touch with our Awards & Grants Team at awards@rhass.org.uk who can answer any questions you have.

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