RHASS Archive

Very few modern organisations can trace their heritage to 1784. Even less can say they have remained true to their founders’ values and beliefs. Yet this is the case for The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland.

RHASS Archive

With such a rich history and heritage, RHASS has made every effort to apply the resources of the Society to the greatest possible extent, in encouraging experiment, and in procuring information on all subjects connected with the science and practice of agriculture, the proper management of woods and plantations, and the improvement of agricultural machinery. Much valuable knowledge has been acquired and published in the Transaction Volumes which can now be accessed through our digital archive.

RHASS Library

The Highland Society of Scotland was founded in 1784 and the library was instituted in 1789. The collection includes early books and periodicals, as well as materials chronicling the formation of a Gaelic dictionary and the founding of the Royal (Dick) Veterinary School – University of Edinburgh. It constitutes a unique resource for historians of Scottish agriculture, veterinary education and Gaelic lexicography, as well as the history and evolution of the Society itself.

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